Simple Home Renovation Ideas

simple-home-renovation-ideasIf you are tired of living in the same old space of your house, you can then plan for a home renovation. With a good plan and budget, you can turn your house into a mansion hence enjoy every moment in it. Although this can be a DIY project, hiring a professional home remodeler can help improve the results, and value for your home as well. Whether working with a limited budget or not, the simple home renovation ideas outlined below can make a difference in your home.

1. Repaint the entire house: Repainting the house gives it a fresh new look and feel. You however need to be very careful when choosing themes for each out. If working on a small house with limited space, you should then consider using light or bright colors. Bright colors help make rooms brighter and create an illusion of a much bigger space. Seeking an interior designer’s help and advice on the same can be a magnificent idea.

2. Use traditional forms of decoration: If you love and adore antiques, you can then focus on using simple and traditional decoration methods to make your house alive again. Painted calabashes, traditional paintings, mosaics, candle sets, and even clay water vases are some of the best items to use for your room decorations. You can use these in your bedroom, living room, and the kitchen as well.

3. Add a master bedroom balcony: If your house doesn’t have a master bedroom balcony yet, you can then work with a professional home remodeler to create one. This however works best if the master bedroom is on the first floor. Creating the balcony from a blank wall, or a window not only creates a quiet and tranquil place for you to rest but also adds more light into the house. You however need a superb plan, and budget, before designing the work plan.

4. Add a star-gazing sunroof: Instead of the dull ceiling over your bed, consider having a star-gazing sunroof over your bed. You however do not have to tear down the roof unless necessary, as you can have an interior designer make it happen. This can be a cool addition to your house, alongside the master bedroom balcony.

5. Add an S-shaped seat in the bathroom/steam room: Having the contractor add an S-shaped seat in your shower is an excellent way to make use of any extra space. The S-shaped seat can come in handy in many ways; you lie on the seat while steaming, or use it to relax before having a shower.

You can also add a large mirror in the bedroom or even the dining room for added effects. The mirror however needs to be facing the windows to help reflect more light into the room. The mirror serves two purposes, it makes your room seem larger (for smaller rooms) and also improves lighting in the same. These are just but a few simple home renovation ideas that anyone can adopt to make their home fun and practical again. Working with an interior designer and a remodeling contractor should help you achieve excellent results.