The Best Home Renovation Software Of 2016 – A Short Guide

home-renovation-softwareIf you’re committed to having a home that will be the ultimate reflection of your individual taste and style then perhaps its time that you had a look at some of the best home renovation software that is available.

Fortunately for the frugal aspirant designer there are a number of free packages that are avialable right now for the cost of just some megs in download – but if you really want to get professional then there are also some packages that will turn you from a novice designer into someone who could really be mistaken as a professional – but you’re going to have to have an eye for design from the get go.

If you want to explore your inner designer and have a hope that is a reflection of your inner architect or interior designer then here are some of 2016’s best chocies for home renovation software.

#1 Home Designer Suite – From Chief Architect.

Enormously powerful this suite of design tools will enable even the novice to plan remodeling projects from the ground up. Whether you want to reimagibe bathrooms or kitchens or a whole new ing of your home this is one of the best pieces of software out there. You can also take advantage of the 1,500 preset layouts to make the remodelling that much easier. Click and drag functionality and a whole lot of instructional videos on the company website make starting off great fun – and relatively easy. Well priced at under $100.

#2 Punch Home Design – From Encore.

Start off slow and advance rapidly with this suite of great tools. The templates it comes with are developed for both the Mac and Windows platforms so there really is something for everyone. At only around $30 it’s great value for money.

#3 TurboFloorPlan And Landscape Pro From TurboCad.

From one of the most well respected software companies in the world this suite offers massive functionality. If you’re familiar with CAD using this software is going to be a breeze. However newcomers to CAD functionality may find the learning curve a bit steep, but once you factor in that sub $25 price you have ample reason to persevere – the rewards are enormous.

#4 Home Designer Suite From Better Homes And gardens.

You just know this is going to be a winner when one of the premier home and garden magazines allows their name to be used. It may be a little older than some of the software that is currently available but it really is one of the better software offerings for the beginner. If you’re just exploring your options and are planning to bring in a professional at some point then this is still one of the best choices that you can make. If you buy online then you’re also going to enjoy a great price. Expect add-ons and upgrades very soon.

Explore your inner designer with these great pieces of software and make your next home upgradee into a project that you will be sure reflects your unique design vision.

4 Easy To Remember Home Renovation Tips

home renovation tipsRemodeling the home is a big decision. It is often a fun and challenging process. However, it can quickly become overwhelming, confusing, and expensive if you aren’t properly prepared. Here are a handful of home renovation tips you can use to keep your project under budget, on schedule, and according to the plan.

1. Plan Ahead.

All of the best home remodeling projects start with an in-depth plan. It can be difficult for some to fight the urge to pick up a hammer and get to work right away, but that is rarely a good idea. Take to time to sit down, create a plan, and calculate the cost of your project. You don’t want to get halfway through the project only to realize you cannot afford it.

Planning ahead also gives you the opportunity to put the money aside ahead of time. This way you know you will have exactly enough. Though, you should include some additional savings for emergency expenses as well. Some of the materials may get lost or broken.

2. Try To Stick With The Plan.

It is inevitable that you will change your mind about some things during the project. That is another reason to keep the additional savings on hand. However, you want to try and stick to the plan as closely as possible. Many projects are started with a great plan, but things quickly go astray and the end result is nothing like the homeowner intended.

Making changes creates a domino effect. It takes time to discuss and plan the changes with the contractor or to figure them out for yourself. Then it effects scheduling. It may also require some of the finished work be removed because it is interfering with the new plan. Finally, it almost always causes the price to increase.

3. Search For Great Ideas.

You don’t have to come up with all of the great ideas yourself. There are plenty of great sources of information and unique ideas. For example, dozens of websites on the internet focus on sharing home renovation tips and ideas. You can find these websites, find some plans that fit your home, and then make some unique adjustments to give it your own personal touch.

Aside from the internet, you can ask contractors or other homeowners. Maybe they have some interesting concepts they’ve seen elsewhere. Finally, you can turn to magazines and other printed publications for new ideas.

4. Communication Is Important.

If you are working with a contractor, then open communication is an important tool. Many contractors are capable of delivering exactly what you want, but in order to do that they need to know exactly what you want. Don’t expect your contractor to read your mind.

A contractor may not know that something they are doing or the way they are doing something is not okay with homeowner. You must communicate with them properly at all times if you want the project to go according to plan.

Easy To Remember.

These home renovation tips are easy to remember and can make a big difference once you get your project started. Search around for great ideas and then create a plan for the project. Stick as closely to the plan as possible. And if you are working with a contractor, then communicate openly and effectively.

Average Home Renovation Costs

home renovation costsWhen deciding whether or not you should renovate your home, there is a lot to take into consideration. For starters what is your budget? How much can you feasibly afford to spend on renovating. How much should you spend on renovation? Where should you spend the money on and of course what are the home renovation costs?

What Should I Renovate?

If you have decided that you can afford to renovate some areas, the next question is where it is best to renovate and how much it will cost. Here are some renovation projects that will add value to your home, an estimated cost of renovation as well as some recommended dos and don’ts for each area:

  •  Bathroom

For an average size bathroom which is around six square meters the average renovation cost is between $9,000 to $12,000.

Have floor to ceiling tiles laid.
If your bathroom is spacious enough, include a double vanity.
Have a frameless glass shower installed.

Switch a combined tub or bathtub for only a shower.
Overuse mosaic tiling
Extensively change the plumbing

  • Kitchen

For an average sized kitchen which is eight square meters the average renovation costs will be around $12,000 to $16,000.

Have stone surfaces installed.
Have a canopy rangehood as well as dishwasher installed.
Maintain an open design plan.

Use a color palette which is unusual and hard to match.
Compromise space for storage and benches.
Invest in expensive fittings and fixtures.
If you can and want to renovate a few other areas to consider such as:
Additional Bedroom

For an average sized additional bedroom which is twelve square meters the average cost for renovation is around $18,000 to $24,000.

  • New Flooring

For an average size of a standard two to three bedroom home which is around one hundred and fifty square meters the average cost per square meter is $25-$100, this of course greatly depends on the material which is being used. So you are looking at an average total cost for new flooring of around $3,750 to $15,000.

  • Patio or Deck

The average size of a new patio or deck is usually around nine square meters, the average cost per square meters is around $180 to $900 per each square meter, once again this will vary depending on the materials which are being used. This means that you total average cost for adding a new patio or deck is around $1620 to $8,000.

Keep in mind that even if you are able to finance a renovation, or may not be the best choice at the moment. You want to really take all the pros and cons into consideration before you commit not only your money but also your time into a renovation.

You may not be able to take it all on at once, but if you go slow and take the time to choose what are the areas in your home which could use a revamp you as well as consider the final home renovation costs will be able to not only improve your home and standard of living but also not deplete your savings.

Hired Great Home Renovation Contractors For Our Home

home-renovation-contractorsMy husband and I wanted to buy a home we could fix up. We looked around for awhile before we finally found one in a good location. We heard that it was going to go up for auction and we got all the information about it that we needed. This home was on a river and was in a really great location. It was exactly where we wanted to live. We had looked at pictures of it and knew that it was going to need a lot of work, but we wanted to make it exactly the way that we wanted.

We waited until the day of the auction and had everything we needed to bid on the home. We had all our paperwork in order and had the money ready. We ended up bidding on the home and getting it for less than $15,000. Getting it this cheap meant that we would have lots of money left over.

When we purchased this home we knew it would need lots of work and that was okay with us. We knew it was going to be more than we could handle and we would need to find home renovation contractors to do the work.

We started searching around for contractors that would take on a huge job like this and do it right. We had the extra money to spend on a contractor since we got the home for such a low price. We asked around and eventually got in contact with a few great home renovation contractors. After talking to both of them, we choose which one we wanted to hire.

After hiring reformas zaragoza, we discussed the work that we wanted done and how we wanted it to be done. The contractor was very receptive to our needs and said they would do the work just like we wanted it.

After a few weeks of constant work on this home, it was finally coming together. The work the contractor did really changed the look of the home. My husband loved the way it looked and I was pretty happy with it too. We finally would have a home that was exactly the way we wanted it and it was on a river.

After about a month, the home was finally finished and in move in condition. We got everything packed up and moved into our new home. We are so happy with the way that everything turned out and it wouldn’t have been possible without hiring the best home renovation contractors around. This company worked with us and did everything exactly the way we asked for it to be done.

I’m so glad we got this house at such a great price and were able to get the work done just the way we wanted it done. It was a great choice and we don’t have a large house payment over our heads that we have to pay every month. I am happy with my new home!

Simple Home Renovation Ideas

simple-home-renovation-ideasIf you are tired of living in the same old space of your house, you can then plan for a home renovation. With a good plan and budget, you can turn your house into a mansion hence enjoy every moment in it. Although this can be a DIY project, hiring a professional home remodeler can help improve the results, and value for your home as well. Whether working with a limited budget or not, the simple home renovation ideas outlined below can make a difference in your home.

1. Repaint the entire house: Repainting the house gives it a fresh new look and feel. You however need to be very careful when choosing themes for each out. If working on a small house with limited space, you should then consider using light or bright colors. Bright colors help make rooms brighter and create an illusion of a much bigger space. Seeking an interior designer’s help and advice on the same can be a magnificent idea.

2. Use traditional forms of decoration: If you love and adore antiques, you can then focus on using simple and traditional decoration methods to make your house alive again. Painted calabashes, traditional paintings, mosaics, candle sets, and even clay water vases are some of the best items to use for your room decorations. You can use these in your bedroom, living room, and the kitchen as well.

3. Add a master bedroom balcony: If your house doesn’t have a master bedroom balcony yet, you can then work with a professional home remodeler to create one. This however works best if the master bedroom is on the first floor. Creating the balcony from a blank wall, or a window not only creates a quiet and tranquil place for you to rest but also adds more light into the house. You however need a superb plan, and budget, before designing the work plan.

4. Add a star-gazing sunroof: Instead of the dull ceiling over your bed, consider having a star-gazing sunroof over your bed. You however do not have to tear down the roof unless necessary, as you can have an interior designer make it happen. This can be a cool addition to your house, alongside the master bedroom balcony.

5. Add an S-shaped seat in the bathroom/steam room: Having the contractor add an S-shaped seat in your shower is an excellent way to make use of any extra space. The S-shaped seat can come in handy in many ways; you lie on the seat while steaming, or use it to relax before having a shower.

You can also add a large mirror in the bedroom or even the dining room for added effects. The mirror however needs to be facing the windows to help reflect more light into the room. The mirror serves two purposes, it makes your room seem larger (for smaller rooms) and also improves lighting in the same. These are just but a few simple home renovation ideas that anyone can adopt to make their home fun and practical again. Working with an interior designer and a remodeling contractor should help you achieve excellent results.