Tips to Secure a Front Door

Everyone can agree that a secure front door is vital for the safety of a property and its occupants. Whether you reside in an independent house or a condo at the top floor, your residence will always be at risk of theft, and one of the most common ways of breaking into a house is through the front door. It can be as simple as walking in through an open door or breaking in through a locked one. To give you some peace of mind in the safety of your home, here are a few tips to secure a front door.

secure front door

Pick a Solid Core Door

It goes without saying that the most secure doors have a solid core, making them had to break or kick in. If you are not sure of the type of you have, simply knock on the door. Solid core doors have a dead sound, while hollow ones tend to echo. To enhance your door security, replace the hollow door with one made of fiberglass, metal, or solid wood.

Reinforce Existing Door Locks

It is essential to reinforce any existing locks. Cylinder guards around locks hamper burglars from prying and wrenching the locks. Solid strike plates are also a good idea as they make it harder from an intruder to kick in your door. Ensure the strike plates have screws that can get to the studs around the door frame. This helps secure your door in case of an attack.

Get a Robust Deadbolt Lock

If your front door does not have a deadbolt lock, it is high time you installed one. Ensure that your door’s deadbolt extends fully into the door jamb opening, which, as suggested above, should be reinforced with a solid metal plate.

Ideally, ensure that the deadbolt does not show any exposed exterior screws. You can either install an exit only deadbolt or a deadlock. These types of locks do not have an exterior keyhole and can only be locked and unlocked from the inside of your house.

Get Wide Angle Peepholes

When you want to secure a front door further, this is a point to consider. Burglars have a habit of knocking or ringing the doorbell and enter forcibly once the door is partly opened. By installing a wide-angle peephole, you can ensure that you only open for people you are familiar with.


And there you have it, great ways to secure a front door. For the best results, you may want to get in touch with Madrid Cerrajeros today!

4 Easy To Remember Home Renovation Tips

home renovation tipsRemodeling the home is a big decision. It is often a fun and challenging process. However, it can quickly become overwhelming, confusing, and expensive if you aren’t properly prepared. Here are a handful of home renovation tips you can use to keep your project under budget, on schedule, and according to the plan.

1. Plan Ahead.

All of the best home remodeling projects start with an in-depth plan. It can be difficult for some to fight the urge to pick up a hammer and get to work right away, but that is rarely a good idea. Take to time to sit down, create a plan, and calculate the cost of your project. You don’t want to get halfway through the project only to realize you cannot afford it.

Planning ahead also gives you the opportunity to put the money aside ahead of time. This way you know you will have exactly enough. Though, you should include some additional savings for emergency expenses as well. Some of the materials may get lost or broken.

2. Try To Stick With The Plan.

It is inevitable that you will change your mind about some things during the project. That is another reason to keep the additional savings on hand. However, you want to try and stick to the plan as closely as possible. Many projects are started with a great plan, but things quickly go astray and the end result is nothing like the homeowner intended.

Making changes creates a domino effect. It takes time to discuss and plan the changes with the contractor or to figure them out for yourself. Then it effects scheduling. It may also require some of the finished work be removed because it is interfering with the new plan. Finally, it almost always causes the price to increase.

3. Search For Great Ideas.

You don’t have to come up with all of the great ideas yourself. There are plenty of great sources of information and unique ideas. For example, dozens of websites on the internet focus on sharing home renovation tips and ideas. You can find these websites, find some plans that fit your home, and then make some unique adjustments to give it your own personal touch.

Aside from the internet, you can ask contractors or other homeowners. Maybe they have some interesting concepts they’ve seen elsewhere. Finally, you can turn to magazines and other printed publications for new ideas.

4. Communication Is Important.

If you are working with a contractor, then open communication is an important tool. Many contractors are capable of delivering exactly what you want, but in order to do that they need to know exactly what you want. Don’t expect your contractor to read your mind.

A contractor may not know that something they are doing or the way they are doing something is not okay with homeowner. You must communicate with them properly at all times if you want the project to go according to plan.

Easy To Remember.

These home renovation tips are easy to remember and can make a big difference once you get your project started. Search around for great ideas and then create a plan for the project. Stick as closely to the plan as possible. And if you are working with a contractor, then communicate openly and effectively.